Who we are

POLARes is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) founded by Prof. Ghaith Rabadi and is based Virginia, USA. We develop simulation and optimization models and methods for complex problems and systems and integrate them into Information Technology (IT) software for data-driven decision support of our customers. We are deeply rooted in conducting research-based and advanced modeling techniques in various fields of applications. We apply methods such as Simulation, Mathematical Modeling, Heuristics, Network Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to propose solutions to clients. We implement our solutions using the latest information technology tools and deploy them on Cloud Systems.

Optimization for Humanitarian Logistics

We are currently pursuing opportunities in modeling and optimization for humanitarian logistics, healthcare management, supply chains, and transportation. We develop cloud-based systems with fast database system at the backend, and responsive front end. Please reach out with your needs.

Intelligent Solutions

We use the latest technologies in implementing our intelligent solutions using Python, REACT, Node JS, Google Maps APIs Flask, and PHP MVC.

Use Different Simulation Platforms

We use different simulation platforms such as Python's DEVS and ARENA.

Are you looking to solve complex problem with the latest Information technology tools?